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RECENT PROJECTS   To view a full size image and/or a slideshow, please click on any image.

Our recent projects page will take you on a guided tour of some of our recent work. For each of these projects we have a case study to provide you the background information on how we progressed each project from initial brief provided by the client through to the completed project.   Why not contact us today even if you just need to "bounce" some ideas around.  We have a wealth of experience you can "tap" into, so please feel free to use it.

Built In Wardrobe Folder

CUSTOM built QUALITY solutions

These wardrobes were custom built at the time of the loft conversion.

As no carcases were required this made the whole process cheaper and quicker.

Built using only a door frame, the doors are bespoke, finished in high gloss white, with oak

Surrounds and push plates.

All doors ave no handles and simply open by a push.


QUALITY at affordable PRICES

Soft close drawers made to measure.

The fronts are 18mm moisture resistant M.D.F. with integrated handle.

The worktop has a mitred water fall edge.

Finished in high gloss battleship grey.

Kitchen Refurbishment


This project required that we stripped out all of the old kitchen, overboard ceilings and install new electrics and re-plaster.

All corners of the kitchen units were cut from sections of pine and curved by hand.

All skirting boards and top mouldings were carved

and fitted by hand.

The under cupboard LED lighting was installed completing the overall look.

Wardrobe 1

BESPOKE carpentry INTEGRATED solutions

We were asked to build wardrobes into a new house by a local builder.

The purchaser gave us instructions as to what she wanted before she moved in.

We built the wardrobes with 18mm white textured M.D.F. all edges finished in the same material.

All trims and drawers are oak, finished with oil.

The doors are high gloss white with integrated “J” handles.

There were anther 3 houses on the same development site and we were asked by the three remaining purchases to build wardrobes into their new homes as well.


There is NOTHING in wood we can’t DO

A regular client recently bought a listed farm.  In a part of his feature gardens he needed an enclosed area for his dogs.  He asked us to come up with an idea for fencing in keeping with the surroundings of his farm.  We did some research and found this fence which is what he was looking for.  Seeing this picture to the left he gave us the go ahead and build his new fence to replicate the one we found.

The fence is made of 16 x 4x4 posts.  We cut the feature top onto each post.  There are 96 mortise and tenon joints.  The cross sections required 576 cuts and 144 lap joints.  The diamond sections required 864 cuts.  It took 256 saw cuts for the feature tops to the posts with 88 small uprights and 30 large uprights.  After preparing all the components in the onsite cow shed were completed, we dug the required fence post holes and then assembled the fences as show in the images on the left here.

Wardrobe 2


High gloss white with integrated handles.

These images show the various stages of this custom wardrobe build.

Wardrobe 3

BESPOKE carpentry with a touch of CLASS

Same house as client with wardrobe 2 where he wanted more custom built wardrobe units be built and installed after the builder had finished his bedroom.

This unit was built using black american walnut trims and push plates.

Finished in high gloss cappucino with push open doors.

As well as the services seen on our other pages, there is no limit to the carpentry work we can do for you. If it involves wood, then we can help. Perhaps you have seen something in a picture, you would like something similar built? Or, perhaps, you want to add more wood into your overall interior design, to give your home a warmer feel. It really doesn't matter. Let your imagination run wild and let us help you turn your dreams into a reality.